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G Wilson Fibres Ltd was founded in 1969 by George Wilson, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire UK. It began in the era of the Rag Trade when after the World War 2, many clothes & rags worn/used by men and women who served in the armed forces were no longer of use, were sorted, recycled and exported abroad by many companies in the UK. In the 1980s, the company invested and expanded into other fibres such as Nylon & Polyester fibres, which became the new trend in clothes such as denim jeans & sportswear but most importantly, flooring. Traditional wool carpets were being overtaken by Nylon hardwearing tiles and Polyester Carpets which were stain resistant and longer lasting. Through this expansion, G Wilson Fibres invested in Carding, Cutting and Pulling machines to process Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene & other synthetic fibres. By the year 2017, the company has 3 carding lines, 2 pulling lines, 4 cutting lines and 3 press packing lines and employs a workforce of 35+ staff.



Carding Lines

There are 3 Carding lines (5 metre width) installed at G Wilson Fibres. This process is slowly pulls apart the nylon staple fibre in to its finer form of individual fibres itself. Some of their main customers include Burmatex Ltd and Heckmondwike FB Ltd who use this fibre into Carpet Tiles.

Laroche Lines

Laroche machines are similar to carding machines, except they are much more rigorous in the pulling apart of fibres such as Wool / Jute which are coarser fibres. Firstly, in our process, which you can see in this picture, fibres go through 2 guillotine cutters, then into a 4 cylinder drums which have tougher spike designs to pull down the most toughest fibres such as rags. Fibres recycled from these machines are sold into the non-woven industry, such as bedding & felt trade. G Wilson Fibres also has contracts with several carpet manufacturers in the UK recycling Wool Yarns which are then processed and spun back into a yarn then carpet.

Bales & Storage

Our Bales are compacted together using 50Tonne Italian press machines, they are wrapped in high-strength PP Bags, neatly presented and delivered to the customer.


If your interested in selling or buying any fibres, please contact us on;


G Wilson Fibres Ltd

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T: 01924 451 098

E: sales@wilsonfibres.co.uk

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